Monday, April 7, 2014

Stand Tall Education Network family AFFIRMATION

The whole school has already changed by the development achieved from the creative project thus far. by the end of the day, We left the whole school from the principle, teachers & the students collectively believing the were champions & thus the song title "I BELIEVE, AM A CHAMPION"
THese are collective moments that indeed lift our souls to give us the zeal to continue to push forward on this journey of Empowering young Generation around the world One youth at a time & sharing the spirit of Unity. We would to appreciate our family of Bavubuka Acoustic SOUL Movement family for leading over 90 students towards this accomplishment.

Bavubuka Foundation Meet & StandTall Education Centre in a creative Workshop.

Bavubuka Foundation is grateful for a collaboration of music creative  visionaries - for sharing their heart and passion with those youthful at heart at Stand Tall Education Network. The recent past day, our team of artistes, fashion designers, emcees, Photojournalist among st other spent time at Stand Tall Education Centre to collectively create an experience that will change the hearts young people at the school through different skill sets.
Day1 Experience with Babaluku cultivatineg the minds of the young ones.
Poetry & Creative Writing session

 Bavubuka Acoustic SOUL Movement's Richy, Omutaba Ngoma, Herry & Giovani engaging the youth in the indigenous Music Experience. "Can U Believe AM A CHAMPION"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Uganda’s Luga Flow Legend Babaluku

Bavubuka Community today celebrates brother babaluku-uganda-hip-hop

Luga Flow legend Babaluku is one of the most visible and respected artists making an impact on Kampala’s expansive hip-hop scene. As a pioneer within Uganda’s hip-hop realm, he’s one of the first emcees to make rapping in the native Luganda tongue popular rather than deferring to colonial English. One can easily learn more about Babaluku (formerly of the Bataka Squad) from the 2008 documentary Diamonds in the Rough: A Ugandan Hip-hop Revolution that covers his journey from his crew’s early days playing shows across Uganda to eventually rocking festivals in the U.S. with Michael Franti.
Currently Babaluku splits time between Kampala and Vancouver, BC, where director Juan Andres Hodgson shot the recent video for “Batulidewo.” Production-wise, the song knocks, and coupled with the at times, gruff and heady lyrics rapped in Luganda, “Batulidewo” has the feel of a radio single. When asked about the track itself, Babaluku told us, “The song is meant to be a confidence booster for the people who follow the music industry in Uganda… It’s about standing strong and not only being able to inspire but really design what the future of hip-hop in Uganda looks like.” He also expressed optimism that “Batulidewo” might see a proper release on a compilation called All Spiritual, which would drop on his own B Dynasty imprint before the end of the year. Given that he was working on a string of videos in Uganda during our time together, expect more material and visuals from Babaluku in the coming months. Until then, watch the “Batulidewo” video below

The Art of 6 WORD MEMOIR

As people's attention to read media get short & shorter, many people around the world have come up with different ideas of how to get their messages out clear and precise. Twitter invented sending out messages in only 130 characters while other people have started to compress their video messages in 40 seconds or Less.

During the Obumu Media Lab conducted at Bavubuka Foundation, Professor Scott Maclin from Washington University - Seattle introduced a technique to the youth leader in hip hop community of Uganda of using only six words to express yourself.

The 6 word memoir was introduced to instigate youth to think to start using the visual media to carry their messages across.
I this post, We will be sharing some of the 6 word memoir media that has so far been generated & how it has already started impacting the youth in their communities.

"Buzz Buzz Goes The Bumble. Obumufy!" ~ Scott Maclin
"Hip Hop Connecting Powerful Political Voices" ~ That Kid Bil (Ugandan Allstarz)
"Peace, Love, Foundation, Family Building Together" ~ That Kid Bil (Ugandan Allstarz)
"Spoken Word Bridging many Art Forms"
"She Dreamed... And so it Was" ~ Christine Michelle
"We Heard, We Came, We Obumufied" ~ Gilbert Igabe
"The Joy of an African Child" ~ Chimey Mc
"Create and Share    to change Perspectives" ~ Ras Kasozi

Nas Discusses the 20-Year Impact of Illmatic with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson (Video)

Georgetown Professor Michael Eric Dyson and iconic rapper Nas analyzed the current state of hip-hop during a conversation in Gaston Hall.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brother Tha Black Boi Pays pilgrimage to the Temple of Lugaflow (Bavubuka Foundation International Headquaters)

On a quest for solid foundational bricks much love to Sista Anna Clare for guiding our comrade from the west Africa; Tha Black Boi to the temple of LUGA flow the home of the true indigenous hip hop builders it was great sharing the spiritual vision and aspirations beyond all mica and stages much love to brother kedford kattanyenje for jumping in on that quick cypher moment these are indeed the cornerstone moments designed to inspire all emcees in the continent and beyond to reconnect and build Wanlov - Ghana in the building and of course Pigeon music had to come up more vim fam you next chale!   Bavubuka Dynasty legacy builders much love to the Ug Hip hop Archivist for capturing the indigenous cypher
Tha Black Boi & Babaluku at Bavubuka Foundation Head Quaters

#OBUMU Amplified

#Obumu Amplified Hiphop Communities
Amplified unified and #obumufied #2014 has indeed been filled with many blessings regardless of all the challenges we have indeed been able to stand through the fire celebrating every moment of victory to remember that we have indeed come a long way! Much love to brother Scott and Jonathan for the impact left behind continuing to unify and bring the urban indigenous hip hop creative family together journalists graphic designers artists poets emcees farmers educator entrepreneurs all leaders taking action by unifying to lead their communities these are indeed seeds of greatness awakened Bavubuka true spirit shining from Kampala to Seattle.

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